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This page describes features available from v2.0.2 onward.

Non-Song Files

All files in a songpack folder that are not to be used by the music playing part of the mod ( ie. config files, notes, credits ) should start with a grave (`). For example, `Cards.cfg and so on.

Songpack Settings

Create a file called `Override.cfg. This file may contain any of the following options from the main Settings.cfg file:

* pauseVolume : Affects how much the music will be faded when the game is paused. 1.0 means no difference, 0.0 means the music is muted on pause.
* portalVolume : Affects the minimum volume when nearby an end or nether portal.  1.0 means no difference, 0.0 means the music is muted when standing next to a portal.
* updateDelay : How often the mod checks your surroundings.  20 means once per second, 10 means once per half a second.
* variantLoop : If true, one song of a batch of variants ([1], [2]) will loop until the song is changed.  If false, a new song is picked every time the song would come to an end.
* dotLowHP : If false, the low HP music only plays when you actually have low HP.  If true, it will play when starving or under a damage over time effect that WILL bring you to low HP.
* smallBiomes : If true, small biomes such as beaches and rivers will be allowed to be set the moment you walk into them, otherwise they will almost never be triggered.

Any one of these options will override the user's settings in Settings.cfg, unless the user has their packsettings option set to false.

Custom Title Cards

Create a file called `Cards.cfg. This file can be used to create custom titlecard text when your song pack is in effect, as long as the user has set packcards to true in their Settings.cfg. Here is a list of all of the location card internal names:

* Underground
* Underwater
* DeepUnder
* Stronghold
* HighAltitude
* Home
* Village
* Dimension(-1)
* Dimension(1)
* OceanTemple
* NetherFort
* Mineshaft
* EndCity
* JungleTemple
* DesertTemple
* Mansion
* General

You must set these in the following manner:

Home = Home#Safety from What Lies in Wait

The # symbol marks where the large text ends and the small text begins. If you need to make your small text have two lines, you separate it with a $, like so:

Village = A Lonely Village#Refuge from the$Unforgiving Wilderness

Finally, the internal name ( left of the equals sign ) is case sensitive, and must be written as shown here.


This file doesn't do anything for the mod itself, but you should always include a text file crediting the source of the music you used! As with all other non-song files, the filename should begin with a grave (`), so `Credits.txt!