Rescue Changelog

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Version 1.1.1 ( Requires Embassy 1.1.0 )

* Fixed a handful of incredibly gnarly bugs that affected dedicated servers... hopefully.
* Embassy 1.1.0, which this mod depends on, does not yet have a 1.12 version due to some difficult changes made in the newest forge version.

Version 1.1.0 ( Requires Embassy 1.0.2 )

+ Added Gauze Cloth, Elastic Bandage, Empty Syringe, and Revival Syringe
+ Added language support for Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR & pt_PT).
  ( pt_PT will use the same translations until another is submitted. ) 
+ Added language support for Hungarian (hu_HU). 
+ Added the logo to the mods screen.
+ Added localization support. 
* On-site revival is no longer done with Golden Apples.  You must use a Revival Syringe. 
* A player can no longer interact with the player they're carrying.
* Stabilizing is no longer done by hand.  You must use an Elastic Bandage.
* Fixed a minor bug related to your time to live and walking.
* A player can no longer harm an injured player.

Version 1.0.0 ( Requires Embassy 1.0.1 )

* Initial Release