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Rescue is designed to remedy perma-death without completely foregoing Hardcore mode. When your health reaches 0, you fall to the ground and must be rescued by another player before the remainder of your will to live slips away. Other players on the server will be notified when someone is injured, so they can rescue them by bringing them back to their bed ( or the world spawn, if they don't have a bed ).


The mod is still in its earliest stages, so bound to be ridiculous bugs around every corner. You can help bring out the potential in the concept by reporting bugs and making suggestions here.

Change Log

Main Article: Rescue Changelog.

Setting Up


You can find Embassy (required) on Curseforge here.

You can find Rescue on Curseforge here.


Download Embassy for the version of Minecraft you're playing, and ensure that your Forge version is up to date. Download ActualMusic ( there are no different versions for different minecraft versions - one version fits all!) Place them in the mods folder, and you're good to go.

The mod SHOULD be installed on both the server and the client in the case of multiplayer, but it's not strictly required. The server sends packets telling the client things the client isn't normally allowed to know, including the target of mobs ( for Horde ), the location of structures, the location of the Stronghold, the location of your bed, and the name of the world (for your zones.cfg). Without it, these features (and possibly more) won't work.

Embassy is unavailable for Minecraft 1.12 at this time, which means so is Rescue.

Generating the Config

Run Minecraft once after installing the mod. This will create a folder called Rescue in your config folder. Inside is a the config file.

All config options are fully explained in the config file, so check it out and see what you can tweak!


  • JourneyMap : Death points don't work properly with Rescue. This needs to be fixed on their end.
  • Zombie Awareness : Mobs will still attack you after being injured. Not much can be done about this, either.

Please submit a bug report on my issue tracker if you run into any other problems!

Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs and make suggestions right over here. It's recommended that you use this issue tracker rather than CurseForge or Discord; your report is far more likely to be seen and dealt with if you do. Keeping all the suggestions and reports in one place will make it much easier to respond to them.

Please do not report a bug you found unless you can replicate the problem, give steps to replicate the problem, and you are using the latest version of Embassy and ActualMusic.

Using the Mod


By default, you have approximately five minutes to be stabilized by another player before you die for real. Your screen will have faded completely red by the time that happens. When you find a player who is injured, you can either right click on them to pick them up, or right click them with an Elastic Bandage to stabilize them without picking them up. A stable player will not continue to slip away, but also will not be fully revived. If a stable player is damaged in any way after being stabilized, they will resume fading from there they left off.

Carrying to Safety

Right clicking on an injured player will pick them up, and you will carry them on your back. During this time, you are slowed. Either you or the injured player can press Shift to drop the injured player. Even without stabilizing they will die at a much slower rate, but the only way to stop it entirely is to stabilize them.

Note: The player carrying an injured player can't left or right click on anything because the injured player's hitbox will intercept the click. Though it's unintentional, nobody plans to fix it at this time. Just consider it as "you're carrying a guy so you can't swing your sword".

Death by Unorthodox Means

When a player dies by falling into lava or the void they will be returned to the most recent safe location before they died. A safe location is considered by Rescue to be a place where you were both standing on the ground, and not on fire. You will also be extinguished of fire immediately upon becoming injured, and be immune to being set on fire for a few moments after being injured.

Taking Damage While Injured

An injured player, without moving or being attacked, will last exactly 5 minutes before death (by default). Every time the player receives any amount of any kind of damage, they will lose 5% of their maximum time to live. Additionally, your time to live drains 3 times as quickly while moving around, so if you were to continuously try to move from the moment you were injured to the moment you died, you would last about 1 minute, 40 seconds if using the default config setting.

Removing Injured Players From The Nether

As a vanilla Minecraft limitation, an entity can't enter a portal while riding or being ridden. You must put the player down in the portal to get them back to the overworld.

Instant revival

If you right click on an injured player with a Revival Syringe after stabilizing them, they will be revived on the spot with half a heart. It's important to note that an injured player is not capable of injecting themselves with the syringe; they need someone whose hands aren't shaking quite so much to do it for them. A player who hasn't been stabilized cannot be revived. You must use an Elastic Bandage before the syringe.

Penalties of Being Injured

When injured, you will be unable to move faster than a crawl, break any blocks, jump, climb ladders, or use a bed / set your spawn point. On the other hand, however, mobs will not go out of their way to target you unless they were already attacking you, or you choose to attack them. Zombies and Pigmen will still aggro you if you attack another Zombie / Pigman.

Crafting Recipes







Revival Syringe: