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  Embassy is a mod that keeps a library of tidy and easy to maintain code for my other mods in one place so that I can update to later versions of Forge and Minecraft with as little delay and hassle as possible.  By itself it does nothing, but without it my other mods do nothing!
I didn't want it to come to this, I swear.  Libs or coremods or whatever you want to call them are more often than not an annoyance.  I know a fair few mods, some more popular than others, that say "Here's my mod, and here's this other mod that you need to have for it to run.  Those are my only two mods, yes, I just did this because I felt like it."  I swear that's not the case.
 Embassy was originally a part of ActualMusic, designed to make it possible to update ActualMusic to any new version of Minecraft without needing to change more than a dozen lines of code.  It worked fantastically, but then I had another idea.  If I were to separate Embassy from ActualMusic, ActualMusic would become "Version Agnostic", meaning one version would fit all versions of Minecraft, so long as there was an Embassy for that version.

I'm still very new to modding, so any criticism would be appreciated.