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Here is the text to be copied into a .txt and then translated.

case "Underground": ("Underground", "The Only Light is Your Own")

case "Underwater": ("The Depths", "Origin of All")

case "DeepUnder": ("The Core", "Heart of the Planet")

case "Stronghold": ("The Stronghold", "The Final Stepping Stone Cracks Beneath Your Feet")

case "HighAltitude": ("The Sky", "Watch Your Step, Icarus")

case "Home": ("Home", "Safety from What Lies in Wait")

case "Village": ("A Lonely Village", "Refuge from the Unforgiving Wilderness")

case "Dimension(-1)": ("The Nether", "Where Only the Lost Tread")

case "Dimension(1)": ("The End", "But Not of Your Adventure")

case "OceanTemple": ("Ocean Monument", "Remains of an Unknown Predecessor")

case "NetherFort": ("Nether Fortress", "Bastion of the Damned")

case "Mineshaft": ("An Abandoned Mineshaft", "Evacuated in a Hurry")

case "EndHouse": ("End City", "An Unexpected Sight")

case "JungleTemple": ("A Lost Temple", "Buried in the Foliage")

case "DesertTemple": ("A Lost Temple", "Buried in the Sand")

case "Mansion": ("Woodland Mansion", "Where the Corrupt Call Home")

case "General": ("The Wilds", "Untouched by Civilization")


case "ENEMY": ("A Devastating Enemy")

case "APPROACHING": ("is Approaching Fast!")