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Using Commands

All of the commands provided in ActualMusic at this time are client-side. Later, I intend to add server-side commands so that admins can make zones that all players will be able to enter and hear music for. As it stands now, your home zone and other specified zones are for your ears only. Prior to version 3.0, commands start with /actualmusic, /am, or /music. From 3.0 on, Embassy handles all commands from my mods, so they will start with /embassy music or /em music.

Clientside Commands


/em music mute [ true / false ]

Mutes or unmutes the music. Without arguments, it will toggle the mute state. When muting, it will take a second for the song to fade out.


/em music lock folder [ day number ]
/em music lock song

When you have multiple AltDay folders, this command will force the mod to only pick from the folder number you specify. So, /music lock folder 2 will force the music to play from AltDay[2], and /music lock folder 1 will force the music to play from the main music folder or AltDay[1]. Omitting the argument or providing 0 will unlock the folder and allow it to resume normal behavior.

Using /music lock song will lock the mod into playing the current song, and won't let it switch regardless of your surroundings. It's for when you're really into that low health jam but you don't want to stay at two hearts because of it!

Title Card

/em music titlecards location [ true / false ] 
/em music titlecards boss [ true / false ]
/em music titlecards cardsize [ normal / small / tiny ]

The first two commands will enable or disable the title cards that pop up when you change locations / enter a boss fight. Without arguments, it will toggle.

The last argument will change the size of the text of location cards ( not boss cards ), just in case they're too in-your-face for your liking. Without arguments, it will tell you what size you currently have set.


This command only works on songs that have multiple versions ( LowHP[1], LowHP[2] ). Using it will cause the song that's currently playing to end abruptly and pick another version randomly. This can help song pack authors test their different song variants, or allow the player to skip a song they don't feel like hearing.


/em music home spawnradius [ radius ]
/em music home dimension [ dimension ] 
/em music home < north | east | south | west | top | bottom > [ x | y | z ]
/em music home < northeast | southeast | northwest | southwest >

This command is used to set up the place that you call home, so that the home music can play. There are two ways to go about this. First, you can use "/music home spawnradius 20", replacing 20 with any number you want, to play the home music when you're within that many blocks of your bed. You can otherwise use the command to manually set a zone for your home area. Please see the next section "Zone" for more details.

From 3.0 onward, you can also do this:

/em music home

This will take into consideration the direction you're currently facing, and set that side of the home area. So if you're standing at 43x 78z and are facing to the north-east, it will set the east side to 43x and the north side to 78z. If you're also facing slightly upwards, it will also set the top side to your y value.


As of 3.0, Zone works as follows:

/em music zone < zone number >
 : As with home, sets a side of the zone based on your facing direction.
/em music zone < zone number > < title > [ subtitle ]
 : Sets the titlecard ( and optionally the subtitle ) of the zone
/em music zone < zone number > < north | east | south | west | top | bottom > [ x | y | z ] 
/em music zone < zone number > < northeast | southeast | northwest | southwest >
/em music zone < zone number > dimension [ dimension ]
 : Works as before ( but without defining "area" or "data" ), see below.

Prior to 3.0, this command worked differently:

/music zone < zone number > area < north | east | south | west | top | bottom > [ x | y | z ] 
/music zone < zone number > area < northeast | southeast | northwest | southwest >
/music zone < zone number > area dimension [ dimension ]
/music zone < zone number > data < title | subtitle > [ data ] 

This command is used to set up user-defined zones that will show custom title cards and play custom music. You first specify the dimension with /music zone <zone#> area dimension [dimension#], optionally leaving out the last argument to simply use the dimension you're currently in. Then, you can either manually specify the coordinate for each 'side' of the cubic zone, or you can walk your character to the right place and omit the last argument to use your position. Added in 1.2 as a shortcut, you can use northwest, southeast, etc to specify two sides at once if you're standing at a corner. This doesn't work with an extra argument, though.

Here are a few examples.

Command Result
/em music zone 4 area north 353 Will make the north side of zone 4 be at z 353.
/em music zone 6 area bottom Will make the bottom side of zone 6 be where you stand.
/em music zone 9 area northwest Will set both the north and west values of zone 9 to your z and x postions respectively.

After you set the location ( or before, if you want ) you can set the title card data with, for example "/music zone 2 data title Castle Greyskull" and "/music zone 2 data subtitle I Have the Power!" If you leave the last argument blank, it will clear the data.

Dimension Cards

From 3.0 Onward:

/em music dimcard [dimension] < title > [ subtitle ]
 : Sets the title card, and optionally the subtitle, of a dimension.  Leaving both blank will clear it.

Prior to 3.0:

/em music dimcard [dimension] < title | subtitle > [ data ]
 : This will create a titlecard that shows when you enter a dimension, much like the Nether does.
   If you don't specify what dimension, it will use the dimension you're in.
   If you leave the last argument blank, it will clear the data.


/em debug music ( /music debug prior to 3.0 )

Replaces the vanilla F3 debug screen with a screen dedicated to ActualMusic info. See the Debug section. for more information.

Serverside Commands


/em music serverzone
 : From 3.0 onward.  Functions exactly as /em music zone, except the zones are for everyone in a multiplayer server ( not just yourself ).  Must have OP permissions to use this command!