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ActualMusic 5 is an update/remake for the mod Actual Music written in a combination of C++ and Java. Extending on the functionality of it's successor, AM5 has a standalone application dedicated for songpack management and song playback.



As it is still in development, all of this is subject to change at any time.

For the latest news and info on AM5 development, you can join Fokson's Discord Server.

A video version of most of the stuff on this wiki can be found in CircuitLord's Ultimate Guide to Actual Music 5.

Setup and Installation

Downloading Files

Obtain a copy of Embassy_5.x.jar and ActualMusic.dll, either from #announcements on the Discord or from Curseforge.

Put the Embassy jar into your mods folder.

In your .minecraft folder, make a new folder called ActualMusic, and put ActualMusic.dll inside.

Once completed, your file layout should look something like this.


Common Issues

If, after setting everything up properly, Minecraft fails to load with the error message:
Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: ActualMusic.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
You may need to download OpenAL. You can find it at
Download the Windows Installer and run it.

Loading and Playing Songpacks

Getting a Songpack

Assuming you've got everything installed correctly, now it's time to get to the best part. The music.

Of course, you'll need a songpack. You can find a list of them here, in the #am5-songpacks channel on the discord, or make your own.

Launching minecraft once will generate a Songpacks folder in .minecraft/ActualMusic If you hadn't guessed by now, you'll need to put the unzipped songpack in this directory.

The final file layout should look similar to this.


Loading the Songpack In-Game

In minecraft, you'll need to bind a hotkey in controls to open the AM interface. Once you've done so, hop in-game, and press this key to open the interface.

On this newly opened interface, head into Profile > Songpacks ( the button name for Profile changed ), find the songpack you've installed and click select. The button will now transform into a handy refresh button, which allows you to reload the songpack at any time.


Making a Songpack

Main Article: Making A Songpack

Compatibility with Other Mods

Main Article: Mod Triggers