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My name is Kirby Pereira, and I go by the name of Fokson on the internado. I hail from the pacific coast of Canada and I'm turning 28 on the 10th (about 26 hours from the time of writing) and I'm something of a jack of all trades. I enjoy programming, composing music, drawing, writing, game design, sewing and knitting, all sorts of creative stuff! I'm just not particularly good at any of it! =D There isn't any particular genre of music I don't like, and there isn't any particular genre of game I do like - I just like and dislike things on an individual basis. Minecraft and Terraria are my two favorite games due to their creative nature, and between the two of them I've easily logged about 6,000 hours. I'm not particularly outgoing and am not strong at seeking new friends, but am always happy when someone seeks a friend in me! That's about it I guess, so welcome to the party and I hope you have a good time here!