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Although compatibility between mods is highly coveted, Fokson doesn't have the time or energy to manually add compatibility for every other mod out there. Originally, ActualMusic had an API for mod authors to hook into, but it went completely unused and, with ActualMusic now being written in C++, it isn't feasible to do it this way anymore. But, there are other ways!

For Players

If you want ActualMusic to support custom triggers for other mods, for example for custom structures or battle systems, that's a possibility! Please contact the author of the mod you want included in ActualMusic and direct them to this page!

For Mod Authors

In order for your mod to become compatible with ActualMusic, a small amount of effort is required both from you and Fokson. Please follow these steps:

1) Make a list of triggers you want to be added to ActualMusic

This is both for your own reference and for Fokson. Keep it in a text file or whatever, just make sure you have it all together before you move on.

2) Create a new *public* class called ActualMusic

This class needs to be visible and easily accessible to Embassy, and should be filled with public boolean variables, one for each trigger you want ActualMusic to handle. You can put the logic that sets/unsets these variables in this class or elsewhere, it doesn't matter - all that matters is that the booleans are properly manipulated as you want the triggers in AM to be manipulated, and that Embassy can read them.

3) Visit the Embassy Discord Server or Issue Tracker

Provide a the list of triggers you've made and their respective boolean variable's name in #am5-suggestions ( Discord Server ) or in a new issue on the tracker. Also provide a description of what each trigger is for so it can be added to this wiki.

Fokson does the rest!

Once your submission is received, Fokson will add your triggers to ActualMusic himself. Don't forget to release an update for your mod!