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Trigger Priority Order

This is a list of all triggers ActualMusic uses in your music filenames. You can combine any number of them by putting a hyphen in the middle, for example: Battle-Sunrise.

Triggers that have conditions can have their conditions used by placing them in parenthesis, for example BiomeType(Forest).

Starting from version 3.0, you can precede a trigger with an exclamation mark to have a song play only when the trigger is NOT in effect. For example. Riding(Boat)-!BiomeType(Ocean) will play when riding in a boat, but only if you're not in an ocean biome.

Conditions in bold are not-optional.

File Name Purpose Condition(s)
Title Plays on the title screen (None)
Rescue Plays when injured in Rescue** (None)
MOD_HIGHEST* Triggers registered through the API with the "highest" priority. (None)
Void Plays when below y 0 (None)
Dead Plays during/after death See "Death Conditions" below.
Creative Plays when in creative mode (None)
Boss Any boss with a health bar Name of the boss***
LowHP Plays when under 30% HP (None)
MOD_HIGHER* Triggers registered through the API with the "higher" priority. (None)
Stronghold When in a stronghold (None)
Bed Plays during/after sleeping (None)
Potion When under a potion effect Name of Potion Effect
OceanTemple In an ocean monument (None)
Horde When 8+ enemies target you Most common mob's name
NetherFort A nether fortress (None)
EndCity An end city (None)
Mansion A Woodland Mansion (None)
MOD_HIGH* Triggers registered through the API with the "high" priority. (None)
Battle When 1+ enemies target you Most common mob's name
Elytra Plays when in elytra flight (None)
Fishing When you have a line cast (None)
Gui Plays when a screen is open GUI name
MOD_NORMAL* Triggers registered through the API with the "normal" priority. (None)
Riding When riding/sitting/driving Mount name
Snow During rain, in the snow (None)
Storm During storms (None)
Rain During rain (None)
Mineshaft An abandoned mineshaft (None)
MOD_LOW* Triggers registered through the API with the "low" priority. (None)
Temple A jungle/desert temple Desert/Jungle
Sunrise/Sunset During sunrise/sunset hours (None)
Home User defined home area (None)
ServerZone Server defined zones ( ActualMusic 3.0 and later! ) Zone Number
Zone User defined zones Zone Number
MOD_LOWER* Triggers registered through the API with the "lower" priority. (None)
Ravine Underground but with sky (None)
Underwater Underwater at least 8 blocks (None)
DeepUnder When near diamond level (None)
Underground Underground w/ no sky (None)
HighAltitude Above Y 160 (None)
Farm When surrounded by farmland (None)
Village At least 3 villagers nearby (None)
MOD_LOWEST* Triggers registered through the API with the "lowest" priority. (None)
Biome In the specified biome Biome Name
BiomeType In the specified biome type Biome Type
Day During daylight hours (None)
Night During nighttime hours (None)
General When no other song fits (None)
* Not a trigger, but merely a category for all triggers added by other mods.
** Requires the Rescue Mod.
*** The Ender Dragon has a special case.  You can name a song Boss(DragonFinale) to play it when the last Ender Crystal has been destroyed. ( ActualMusic 3.0+ only! )


Forge biome types are considered in this order:

  • Nether
  • End
  • Spooky
  • Magical
  • Mesa
  • Mountain
  • Beach
  • Ocean
  • River
  • Sandy
  • Snowy
  • Wasteland
  • Jungle
  • Swamp
  • Coniferous
  • Forest
  • Savanna
  • Plains
  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Wet
  • Dry
  • Lush
  • Dead
  • Dense
  • Sparse
  • Hills
  • Void

Death Conditions

Condition Name Purpose
Fire Killed by any of the following: InFire, OnFire, Lava, HotFloor.
Natural Killed by any of the following: Starve, Fall, Drown, InWall, FallingBlock.
Unnatural Killed by any of the following: Wither, Magic, OutOfWorld, IndirectMagic.
Darwin Killed by any of the following: Cactus, FlyIntoWall, Anvil, Thorns, Fireworks.
Combat Killed by any of the following: Player, Mob, Arrow, Thrown, DragonBreath.
InFire Killed by standing in a fire block.
OnFire Killed by being on fire.
LightningBolt Killed being struck by lightning.
Lava Killed being in lava.
HotFloor Killed standing on a damaging surface.
InWall Killed by suffocation (gravel, sand).
Drown Killed running out of air underwater.
Starve Killed by starvation damage.
Cactus Killed touching a damaging block.
Fall Killed by fall damage.
FlyIntoWall Killed flying into a wall with the Elytra.
OutOfWorld Killed falling into the void, or by /kill command.
Generic Killed by an unknown cause. ( The message will be "Player died" )
Magic Killed by a potion of harming or other magic source.
Wither Killed by wither damage over time.
Anvil Killed having an anvil fall on you.
FallingBlock Killed having another block fall on you.
DragonBreath Killed by the Ender Dragon's breath attack.
Mob Killed by a hostile mob.
Player Killed by another player.
Thrown Killed by something thrown, like a snowball.
Arrow Killed by an arrow, likely from a dispenser.
Fireball Killed by a ghast's fireball.
IndirectMagic Unknown.
Thorns Killed by attacking a target with the Thorns enchantment.
Fireworks Killed by an exploding firework rocket.