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Version 2.0.4

* Fixed a bug regarding the priority order of triggers when using multiple triggers.
* redirectFile: can now successfully redirect to a group of random variant songs.
* Fixed random songs playing on the title screen when you don't have title music.
* Fixed a bug where Storm music would play in inappropriate places.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes the music would get very quiet.
* Fixed an Embassy crash when dying.

Version 2.0.3

+ Added an option to disable the /am and /music command aliases for those who are having trouble with it.
* Laid the groundwork for Transition songs, which can play when moving between triggers (not yet done).
* Fixed the Biome trigger not firing over the BiomeType trigger.

Version 2.0.2 ( Requires Embassy 1.1.1)

+ You may now ( optionally ) remove the grave (`) from the ActualMusic config folder.  If no config folder exists, it will create one without a grave by default.
+ Completed the code for pack-specific settings and title cards.
+ Added language support for Pirate Speak (en_pt). 
+ Readded the functionality of the option variantLoop.
+ You can now specify Jungle as a BiomeType instead of just a Biome, in case some mod adds their own jungle biome.
+ Fixed a bug where some config options would be skipped under certain circumstances.
+ The trigger Dead now can be conditioned to the way you died.
+ Readded the functionality of the option dotLowHP.
* Embassy no longer opts to ignore the more general BiomeTypes, such as Hot, Dry, Dense, etc. If you want to use them, you can.
* Fixed a bug where having a large number of variants for one song would cause the song tapestry to go bananas.
* In the Debug screen, BiomeTypes now displays types in the priority order they will be used in.
* Fixed an uncommon crash when returning to the title screen from in-game.
* ( Hopefully ) Finished the API.

Version 2.0.1

+ Added new redirect commands: leadIn, leadOut, fade, chances
+ Added language support for Italian (it_IT).
+ Re-added the "All" redirect function.
* Fixed a problem where, when the song loader was faced with a choice between a song with one trigger and a song with two, it would pick the song with one.
* Fixed music continuing to play when no longer valid, if there was no other song to take its place.
* Restored the proper biometype order ( was lost on conversion to the new system ).
* Fixed some conditional triggers fighting with their unconditional counterparts.
* Fixed time and altitude related music playing in dimensions with no sky.
* Kicked scala to the curb.  Should hopefully fix intermittent crashes.
* Fixed the song cards for the nether and end display as "The Wilds".
* Fixed some timings with the delay between songs.
* Fixed AltDay and Dimension folders not behaving.
* Fixed the config file only half-generating.

Version 2.0.0 ( Requires Embassy 1.1.0 )

* This is a complete overhaul of the system that decides on and loads the songs.  Songpack compatibility will be broken!
   Please forget what you know about song naming and go over the documentation from beginning to end.

Version 1.3.2 ( Requires Embassy 1.0.2 )

+ Fully added support for redirect commands playOnce, priority, and lifetime
+ Added the Bloodmoon trigger, for use with the mod "Bloodmoon"!
+ Added language support for Hungarian (hu_HU)
* Reduced the file size of the logo considerably.	

Version 1.3.1 ( Requires Embassy 1.0.1 )

+ Added /music flush to clear out paused music in the background.
+ Embassy now considers zero hunger a damage over time trigger.
* Fixed a bug in Embassy where Ghasts and some modded mobs weren't included in nearby / aggressive mob counts. 
* Having ActualMusic installed on a server will no longer force a connecting client to have it.
   It's important to note, however, that if server and client have differing versions, bad things may happen!
* Fixed a crash when no music was playing and the debug screen was open.
* Fixed a bug in Embassy where the player's bed location was incorrect.
* Fixed a bug where AltDay folders weren't functioning as intended.
* Fixed some typos / errors in the command texts.

Version 1.3.0

+ Added functionality ( and a config option to disable it ) for allowing song packs to override location card text. 
+ Added functionality ( and a config option to disable it ) for allowing song packs to have custom settings.
   No custom settings have been added yet, but the framework is ready.
+ Added a config option to set the update rate for song changing.
+ Added the command  /music debug
   This switches the F3 debug screen to and from a version dedicated to ActualMusic info.
+ Added the command /music next
- Removed the debug info from the default F3 screen.
- Removed the command /music fix
* Fixed a bug where random variant songs wouldn't work with redirection files.
* Tweaked the way the config system works to make it quite a bit more stable.
* Laid the groundwork for redirect files to be a whole lot more powerful.
   Though not fully implemented yet, commands such as 'playOnce' and 'uninterruptible' will soon be possible.
* Completely redesigned the core sound system and audio decoder.  
   Internally, the system works completely differently, but the difference shouldn't be too noticeable to the user.

Version 1.2.1 ( Unreleased )

+ Added an area trigger for when nearby farmland.
* Resolved an incompatibility with another mod.  ActualMusic should no longer mess with Dynamic Surroundings. 
* Relocated the music folder lock option from the global settings to the world-specific settings.
* Fixed a bug that would crash if your config file wasn't completely correct.

Version 1.2.0 ( Requires Embassy 1.0.0 )

+ Added a config option to have the song decider ease up its tight conditions on biome selection for rivers and beaches.
+ Added the ability to make folders for dimensions, so different dimensions can have different soundtracks. 
+ Added 'northeast', 'northwest', 'southeast', and 'southwest' to command coordinate selection.
+ Added area triggers that play when it's Sunrise or Sunset, ignoring biome and location. 
+ Added an event trigger for doing battle with just a single opponent. 
- Removed the config option to disallow beaches and/or rivers from triggering biome flags. 
* From this point forward, ActualMusic is version agnostic!  Each build will work on every version of Minecraft.
* ActualMusic 1.2.0 and above will require my other mod, "Embassy", to function.  It is available on CurseForge. 
* Fixed a bug in the title card commands that had them refuse to show you what you just set a card to. 
* Delegated the creation of config files to Embassy, and made the config file look much nicer.
* Fixed a bug in the title card commands that caused them to force input to be lowercase. 
* Fixed an intermittent crash when returning to the title screen from in-game.
* Fixed mute not working (since 1.1.1 when I fixed the immense lag bug).
* Altitude related songs will no longer play in dimensions without a sky. 
* Better use of the debug profiler.  See ActualMusic hogging all the pie! 
* Overhauled the command code to be a lot more user-friendly.
* Optimized some pieces of code, chiefly in the mp3 decoder. 
* Fixed dimension title cards not working. 

Version 1.1.2

+ Added language support for Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR & pt_PT) and Finnish (fi_FI). 
   ( pt_PT will use the same translations until another is submitted. )
+ Added an option and command to make the location title cards smaller. 
* Any entity who would show up as "Boss###" before has the boss stripped from their name.  No more "BossBoss" songs! 
* Resolved a minor incompatibility with another mod.  No other mod should be capable of affecting the music now.
* Fixed the bed and horde timers, which broke after I fixed the lag problem. 

Version 1.1.1

+ Added nighttime variants for full moon and new moon, example: "BiomeTypeForestNightFull", "BiomePlainsNightNew".
+ Added event triggers for elytra flight, gui screens, and creative mode.
- Removed extra debug screen info. 
* Setting portalVol to 100 will fully disable the code that scans for portals; try this if you have some lag issues.
* Found a bug that was causing some people immense lag.  Reduced CPU overhead by about 75%.
* Split the config option 'titlecards' into 'locationcards' and 'bosscards'.
* Fixed a bug where the title music wouldn't play after being in-game.
* Fixed a bug where pauseVol shows in the config twice. 
* Removed the bajillion stacktraces.

Version 1.1.0

+ Added area triggers for desert/jungle temples, woodland mansion, and end cities.  ( This applies to 1.11.2 only for the time being. )
+ Added event triggers for death, falling into the void, potion effects, hordes comprised primarily of specific mobs, sunrise, and sunset.
+ Added a config option to disallow beaches and/or rivers from triggering biome flags. 
+ Added a config option to play a random song variant each time the song would loop. 
+ Music gradually fades out the closer you get to a nether / end portal (configurable). 
+ Added title cards for bosses.  They will appear as an introduction for a boss fight.
+ Added new functionality to the lock command; it can now lock the specific song. 
+ Added a config option for how much the volume is cut when the game is paused. 
+ Added language support for title cards.  Supports French (fr_FR & fr_ca) and German (de_DE).
- Removed the area trigger for the hills biome type.  It was useless anyway. 
* The LowHP music will now play if you are taking damage over time that will reduce you to low HP before it runs its course. 
* Changed "BossEnderDragon" handle to "BossDragon".  Sorry, song pack creators!
* Fixed a bug where players of other localizations would need different song names. 
* Fixed a bug where having "Generate Structures" turned off would cause a crash. 
* Fixed a bug where, in multiplayer, the vanilla ending credits music would play.
* Fixed the Home music playing at the same location in other dimensions. 
* All mount and boss names are forced to have a capital first letter.
* The song loader ensures the file it's loading is more than 0 bytes.
* Fixed a bug where the village music would never trigger.
* Resolved a minor incompatibility with another mod.

Version 1.0.1

* First official release.

Version 1.0.0

* Design phase, unreleased.